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Micronutrient Fertilizer

We are offering Micronutrient Fertilizer. We manufacture and export.

Micro Nutrient Fertilizers

Micro Nutrient Fertilizers
Approx. Price:
Rs 25,000
We are leading manufacturer and exporter offering Micro Nutrient Fertilizer

Chelated Micronutrients

Chelated Micronutrients
Approx. Price:
Rs 25,000
We are leading supplier and exporter offering Chelated Micronutrients.

Silica Powder for Agriculture

Silica Powder for Agriculture
Approx. Price:
Rs 25,000
We have established ourselves among the most prominent Suppliers in the country for Silica ( silicon di oxide) used in agriculture. We supply extremely pure Silicon Dioxide which is completely dispersible in water having SiO2 content of 98 - 99 %. It supplies  silicon to the crop which in turn reduces transpiration, salinity stress and water stress. It retards excessive vegetative growth and converts it into reproductive growth of the plant. When drenched in soil, Silicon Dioxide effectively deters the entry of mycopathogens into the root system hence can be used as a preventive and curative measure against phytopthora, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium etc. It strengthens the cell wall, helps in shoot development and imparts resistance to the plant against pests and diseases. It can be used to control phytopthora in orange and pomegranate.

The Specification Of Silicon Dioxide:
L O I0.1%
Specific Gravity2.55
Whiteness95% to 98%
ColourSnow White

Packing : 

25 kg bags 
Benefits of using active Silica
  •  It increases plant growth, flowering and fruiting.
  •  It increases crop yield and quality of crop.
  •  It is rich source of Plant available Silicon.
  •  It has high water holding capacity.
  •  It Neutralize Aluminum toxicity
  •  It unlocks Phosphate and makes it available to plant.
  •  It reduces use of conventional Fertilizers from 25-30 %
  •  It protects plants against insect, pests and fungal infection.
  •  There is reduction in irrigation and gives drought resistance to plant.
  •  It increases plants resistance to salt intoxication.
  •  It increases soil porosity.
  •  It gives strength to roots and stem of plant.
  •  It can be added in soil before planting, at the time of sowing it can be applied with seed.
  •  For Sugarcane, Rice, Cassava, vegetables and other crops it can be mixed in soil during preparation of Soil.
  •  For Rubber, Tea Coffee and other fruit and flower plantation a small part of it can be applied near roots while sowing and in old plants by digging and applying near roots.

  • In agriculture crops- 500 to 600 kgs per hectare.
  • In turf and landscaping – 15 -20 % of soil volume.
  • In Sugarcane – 500 kgs per hectare. (Broadcast spread and incorporated into the top 10-20 cm using an off-set disc plough or rotary hue for sugarcane. Generally, all Si is applied to soil before planting).
  • In Rice- 600 kgs per hectare.
  • In cotton 500 kgs per hectare.
  • In fruit plants- 250 gms per plant. (To be applied near roots.)
  • In flowering plants- 50 gms per plant (To be applied near roots.)
  • In vegetables- 500 kgs per hectare


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